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Graphics & Illustrations

Graphics for use in a wide range of products from websites to printed materials. Vector Graphics & Illustrations are a fully scalable solution which offers a large range of different types of medium uses. Composite Graphics Images take many different images and combine them for a customized effect.  See Portfolio

Logo Design

A well designed logo can have a large impact on your business. When done well, your brand identity and overall feel is conveyed to your customers in seconds. Color selection and design play a crucial role in how your customers feel about your company before they even begin to look at your credentials and offerings.

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Brand Design

In addition to logo design thoughtful selections of fonts and secondary brand colors can further your audience's brand experience. Having this designed eliminates confusion for employees, and creative users alike. Your brand's overall style can be executed uniformly throughout all aspects of your business and brand.  See Portfolio

Digital & Print Ads

Wether you are looking to create a broader reaching ad with digital advertising or a local impact with print, we can create ads that bring your branding and messaging together.  We often create ads for both spaces so that the "catch net" is as wide as possible and the messaging and graphics are paired perfectly.

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Collateral / Flyers

We offer many different types of collateral design. Our services can be provided both digitally and as a package complete solution. All of our services can be created for both web and print use. Services include email templates, folders, full and half sheet flyers, advertisements, brochures, catalogs, direct mail letters and postcards, handouts for sales presentations, sales sheets, selection guides, posters, printed white papers or case studies, technical data sheets and more.  See Portfolio

Business Cards

With your logo and brand design elements in place the very first aspect of getting your name out there is your card. A well designed card can provide confidence when meeting new customers or vendors, while also providing a portable brand presence in the marketplace.  See Portfolio

Presentation Design

Whether your need is for a branded presentation template or a completed introduction, product or service presentation, Visivae is able to accommodate your need in both PowerPoint and Keynote. We also offer animated design solutions to really bring your image to life.  See Portfolio

Video / Motion Graphics

Providing your customers with a sales or product video can make a big impact on consumer confidence.  Sales & product videos can facilitate buyer understanding as well as pitch the concept.  Explainer videos can become essential to building on your product offering.  We bring video editing and still 2D and 3D graphics to life with visual effects and animation to make your products interesting and engaging with designs for use on the web and television.  See Portfolio


Our product photography service is the quintecential marriment of a complete product design vision.  We make sure that the end result will fit in perfectly with our other design services since we can photograph with the design in mind.  Already have the photos?  No problem, we can also enhance any photo that will be used in collateral to increase its ability to remain cohesive to the design. We also offer portrait photography enhancement for use in profile pictures, websites or printed collateral.  See Portfolio

Package Design

Package design is the complete connection of form, structure, materials, color, imagery, typography, and regulatory information with ancillary design elements to make your product a complete part of your overall marketing strategy.  We make purposeful decisions so that your brand, the product and the vision for it's market are fully realized.  See Portfolio

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