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My name is Carissa, and I have loved art for as long as I can remember. I love to draw, design and create new things. I find inspiration in many aspects of my life, and enjoy the challenge to create designs that are inspired by my surroundings.


In addition to graphic arts and illustration, I love charcoal, graphite drawing and multi-medium painting. There is nothing quite like taking time to truly work with your hands on something, watching and creating it to its final form. Some of the work I have done in these mediums are also in my portfolio - feel free to check them out!


I would be remiss to leave out that since art comes in so many forms, one of my other passions is playing my viola. I have been playing the viola since I was little, and always wanted it to be a long term part of my life. I have been very lucky to find a local symphony to play in, and for a great group of musicians to surround myself with.  

My Background

I started working in design in 2003, where I worked along side a fashion designer doing presentation layouts for her garment designs. I always enjoyed working on them, and quickly realized my true affinity for design.


In 2007, I joined a logistics firm, and in 2010, was offered the opportunity to join the marketing team, which I felt was an exciting facet of the business.  There was a need to create relevant, and original design so I presented my ideas and graphics, and quickly became the lead designer at the company.  I dove straight in - working on several of their marketing brochures, presentations, along with print and digital ads.  I lead the design efforts for the website redesign, and worked very closly with the IT and Development teams to implement our ideas. 


I spent a significant portion of my time there creating opportunities for marketing through email campaigns, advertising and efforts to build on the brand by creating images and layouts for their website, marketing collateral, presentations and new sectors of the business.


In early 2015, I left my marketing position to fully dedicate myself to my own goals and my own design firm.  I definitely loved what I did, but wanted to take a leap of faith and a chance on me; I haven't looked back since!

I truly love illustration & design, it is a passion. I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to now do what I love, for my customers and also for myself. Creating original artwork is one of my absolute favorite things.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know the VISIVAE story. I hope to further connect with you to create something that will be both original and relevant to you!



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